We get it, new technology is not easy to GRASP.

So many new words and terms; AI, ChatGPT, Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi and NFTs.
Who “nodes” what it all means?  😊

There are so many opportunities in this new world of AI and Web 3.0, but there are many risks involved too. 

This is why we offer learning as the first recommendation to people before working on a portfolio or a product launch. 

Since 2014, we have been gathering valuable experience while teaching, building, and growing with our clients. We’ve taught people how to buy their first bitcoin, built crypto currency portfolios, taught and also launched products and services on the Blockchain.

We have also created and curated small and large scale events in thought leadership, crypto and entertainment.

We are NOT saying we don’t fail when trying something brand new like ChatGPT4 or a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
We are saying that we educate you on how minimize the impact of a failure.

The newer the technology the more co-operative the learning journey needs to be.

How can we help you?

If you are new to using AI or Crypto we start with delivering the best educational and informational content as the ground work for any project, we run workshops for individuals, groups and companies.

With the right knowledge we can advise or consult on the best way to work with Blockchain and Web 3.0  technologies. 

All the tools you need to get a safe and smooth start.

If you are a company wanting to learn how all this is relevant to you we can arrange a staff or executive learning programme, either online, at the office or as a retreat.

If you are a crypto company we can help you set up a media arm; a newsletter, blog, a video podcast or a more elaborate in-house-studio.

We run a Youtube channel and Social Media to educate beyond borders.